Stepping Out Of The Box – My First Blog

A  journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 

  Sounds silly, but this is a big step for me – Having my own blog.  If you know me, you know that I am basically computer/electronics illiterate (would inept be a better word?) I don’t twitter (whatever that is), Facebook or My Space, even though my kids all do, I have no idea how an IPod or ITouch work, even though my kids all have them, and I can barely get a movie to run on either the VCR or the DVD player, so having my own Blog is very cool and exciting for me, though just a little intimidating.  But I’ve been thinking about it alot.  I feel like I lead the most extraordinary and blessed life! Each day holds exciting adventures and new lessons and I feel that it is so important to document life, to help others in their walk and to pass on the lessons learned to an up and coming generation. Bare with me as I learn from the very beginning how to Blog, how to post, how to share pictures and experiences in this new format. Now, off to read more about what to do next.


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