December Daily Begins

My greatest scrapbooking inspiration I get from Ali Edwards’ Blog. If you’ve never been there you must! RIGHT NOW! She’s just beginning another year of her December Daily instructions so now is a great time to visit her site and  begin to prepare to create a daily memory book of  this years’ holiday season.  Last year I made a book for November and Dec.  Still working on both of them 🙂 (Can you relate?) I haven’t decided if I’ll just add to my previous books or if I’ll start anew for 2009. I’m a great starter but I tend to fizzle out along the way.  I’m working on that! Making the books are the most fun – My trouble comes in remembering to take pictures or journal each day.  Anyway, head to her site now and check it out!

PS : Look what’s happening in my backyard as i type!  My sweet husband is putting down the concrete skirt around the pool he built for us.  He’s amazing!



One Response to “December Daily Begins”

  1. Vera Smith Says:

    Yep – I’m a fan of Ali Edwards too! Did you do “A Week in the Life” last October? So cool!

    We’ll be moving so I’m not doing December dailies . . . . I’ll be doing good to remember to snap photos!

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