Journal/Scrap Ideas

I don’t consider myself a very organized person, so I’m hoping this blog will help me to keep my scrapbooking ideas together in one place. Today i was going through boxes of memorabilia, notes, stickers, ideas… all those things i stack in piles on my scrap table until there is no room to create and then i sweep them all off into boxes – do you do this too?  Anyway, I came across something I had downloaded from a long time ago.  If you’ve never been there you’ll love it!  It can be a little overwhelming because there’s so much to see.  If I’m trying to find a quote or song lyric I’ll go there and under “library” I’ll search in Pea Soup for that poem, song, quote, title – you name it.  So here is a list to give you some creative inspiration for your next scrap page or journal.  Pick one!

                All About Me – author unknown  

  1. Favorite color (page done completely in a favorite color)
  2. Pieces of me (picture of me and words that describe me)
  3. All things to all people (list of “things” I am)
  4. Favorite things
  5. Top 10 things that make my day
  6. You’ve got mail (a pocket page with e-mails)
  7. A day in my life (things about my day)
  8. Worth remembering (things I don’t want to ever forget)
  9. Those TV shows (about all the TV shows growing up)
  10. Schools Revisited (all about my school days)
  11. Once Upon a Time (page about my teddy bear – or favorite doll)
  12. My collections
  13. Books (favorite books and authors)
  14. Birthdays
  15. Dream House
  16. 100 Things I love
  17. Various family shots and journaling about each
  18. Favorite food
  19. Favorite music
  20. Hobbies
  21. Sports
  22. Sounds and smells
  23. Movies
  24. Vacation/relaxation spots
  25. Experiences
  26. Till we meet again ( those who have gone before me)
  27. Office (pics of my scrapping room)
  28. Favorite childhood vacation memories
  29. Birth announcement
  30. Room by room
  31. What I hope and dream for each child
  32. Letters to daughters for the birth of their first child
  33. Letter to husband for 50th anniversary
  34. Favorite memory of each grandparent
  35. Things that make me cry
  36. Where I got my talents from
  37. Heirlooms – things I own to pass down from one generation to another
  38. The view from my window
  39. Things i wish I’d known when I graduated from high school / got married / had kids
  40. Phobias
  41. The feats I’d attempt if I had the courage
  42. E-groups i belong to
  43. What I learned from my mother / father
  44. If I only had one more day
  45. Marriage brings…
  46. Reasons I’m a stay-at-home-mom
  47. Family traditions
  48. I feel safe when..
  49. Blast from the past
  50. Words to live by
  51. Things I miss from… childhood, teen years, young adult
  52. A dream or goal I failed to achieve
  53. The most difficult phone call I ever had to make
  54.  People who have touched my life
  55. Friendships
  56. Cars
  57. Jobs
  58. Siblings
  59. Seasons
  60. Travel
  61. Most memorable date
  62. How I pamper myself
  63. What I’d tell my teenage self
  64. Missed opportunities
  65. Leaving home
  66. Things that bug me
  67. Modern conveniences
  68. Things that bring me joy
  69. My ultimate anything goes weekend
  70. The meaning of my name
  71. Thought and feelings o9/11
  72. Family time
  73. What matters most
  74. Thanksgiving menu
  75. Being a wife means
  76. Being a mother means
  77. Family traditions
  78. Favorite quotes

What a great list! I hope you’re inspired!


One Response to “Journal/Scrap Ideas”

  1. Vera Smith Says:

    Love it! I’ve been to twopeas but never saw this!!!!!

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