Anticipating Big Changes


Out to Lunch

   Bob brought Uncle Tim in from the farm yesterday to have his first consultation with the surgeon and it looks like his surgery will take place the first week in November. The recuperation time for this particular procedure is 6-8 weeks with no lifting. I mean none. Nothing heavier than a gallon of milk. Not hay bales, not milk pails, not hardly anything. That means big changes for us.  It means we’ll be going to live at the farm for the duration of his healing. I have mixed feelings about it, but I know that it’s something that must be done – the surgery I mean.  My heart’s desire is to one day live at the farm, but right now the timing is less than perfect. J will stay in town and continue her Nursing degree and hold down the fort here. The boys will stay at the farm for the most part with some commuting to school twice a week.  Thankfully my husband’s new job is still on hold while the details continue to be worked out, so that will allow him to be available to help at the farm as well as finish the pool, the gazebo, and other assorted jobs that need to be done before he leaves for an extended stay.  The thought of running both the farm and the house in town and all that they entail without him here is daunting. But I know that my God is faithful and His timing is perfect. I look forward to milking goats everyday – to spending time in the country, putting in a fall garden, gathering eggs and getting things ready for cooler weather. The farm house has a fireplace – and lots and lots of downed brush that needs gathering and burning! I could have an outdoor bonfire every night for weeks  and i very well may!  But there’s lots to do and to plan for and to take into consideration.  We’ll be there throughout the holidays which means that this year there’ll be no Cookie Swap – no Channukah party – no holiday travel… I’ll have to be clever and think of wonderful ways to spend time together as a family so that there is less disappointment, which I know there will be as this situation is not to the children’s liking.  I’m open for suggestions as to ideas for holiday cheer out in the country.

On another note… Being at the farm may give me concentrated time to scrap. I’ve decided that I cannot, in right conscience, begin another December Daily this year when I have so many unfinished projects in the works.  Like my Project 365 book.  Are you doing that?  Here’s where I learned about it:   If You’re unfamiliar with the concept go here and read all about it.  Then,  if it’s something you want to participate in you can find free down loads here:  My understanding is that the kit sold out immediately last January and was no longer able to be purchased, so Becky Higgins made some of the artwork and journaling pages available.  Keep an eye on her blog – she has recently hinted that there may be something in the works for a similar kit for 2010!  But my point is that i am SO FAR BEHIND!!!  My last finished week is sometime in August! I have been taking pictures and journaling somewhat, but it’s time to catch up!  I’m learning how to take pictures of my pages so I’ll post some soon.  I’m trying to find balance between my personal life and my crafting on this Blog (truly, my personal life is much more exciting than my pages!)

So, to recap… Today: *Took Tim to  the surgeon *Mr Wilburn came to talk with Levi  * Met Zach and Tab for lunch *Brought Tim back to the farm *worked on 21st birthday page *Levi sold popcorn for Scouts *Joel mowed a lawn


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  1. Vera Smith Says:

    I just love Becky Higgins’ layouts! I hope to see more pix of the boys! They were so little & young the last time I saw them!

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