Log Splitter, Fencing Domino and Fall Sq. Ft. Gardening

This morning my husband asked my opinion about whether we should one day purchase a gas or an electric log splitter. Given our present financial situation I told him that it wasn’t anything that we could even begin to consider, and of course, he knew that – but was contemplating it for one day when things were looking up – perhaps after he’d been at the new job for awhile. I suggested that maybe in a few years we could think about it. 

We made a run to the farm today. It was a planned trip – the chickens needed layer pellets and I had a crockpot stew made for Tim, along with some other things. Just before we left Timmy called us to tell us that Domino, our  2 year old, 160 lb billy goat, was jumping the fence.  Well, not actually jumping, rather, climbing over the 4 foot field fence, and visiting all our other goats. There’s really no reason for him to do this; he lives in a nice pen with one or two of his wives who change periodically depending on breeding times.  But off we went to remedy the situation.

 On the way to the farm we happened to stop at a garage sale. Don’t you just love them! We don’t go very often, but I’m always on the lookout for scrapbooking items: ribbon, buttons, stamps… anything to use on my pages. I looked at Mason jars (which were overpriced), and bought a crock pot for $5.00, while Bob tested out, believe it or not,  an electric log splitter! Yup, that’s my God! Needless to say we now own an excellent machine which will save us all alot of work!  And after considering it more carefully (I really hadn’t given the situation any thought before) I realized that neither my son nor Uncle Tim would be able to chop wood this winter, both recovering from surgeries, and even if it were possible, there’s always the consideration of the dangers involved: flying axes, chipped wedges.. This log splitter was absolutely a blessing from God!

Once at the farm the first order of business was to hot wire the fence, which Bob did very quickly, much to Domino’s displeasure.hot Wiring the fence

 I cleared out two square foot garden boxes that had become quite overgrown, but that’s the beauty of square foot gardening – it’s very easy to weed and clear.  Generally I grow my own transplants from seed, but because of the decision to live temporarily at the farm I was unprepared to garden there, (all my transplants went into my gardens here in town), so we traded newly incubated guinea fowl for vegetable transplants at our local feed store. Today I planted: cabbage, broccoli, and several types of lettuces.


Here are some pics of my spring gardens in town:

SQ Ft Garden Spring 2009







While I was planting, Bob fixed the tractor and loaded it onto the trailer to bring into town to move around the excess dirt in the backyard from the digging of the swimming pool. Then he cut down a couple trees for the goats to eat and fixed fences. Phew! Another fast and furious day at the farm!



3 Responses to “Log Splitter, Fencing Domino and Fall Sq. Ft. Gardening”

  1. Mel Says:

    The front yard looks amazing! I think when I visited you only had one bed now you have an entire garden 🙂 looks great! what does Mr. Bill think?? lol

  2. Vera Smith Says:

    Your SF gardens are beautiful! Good job!

  3. Vera Smith Says:

    Really am so glad I found your blog!

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