TTT's New Fall Kit Is Here

Yay! The mailman just delivered my scrap kit from TTT!  Take a look.

ttt Nov kit

Love it!  Now if only I would spend as much time scrapping as I do buying, organizing – HA! and blogging!  I love Monica’s taste for paper, stickers and embellishments, and I especially love that each month, for members of her kit club, she gives us  THREE kits to choose from, and the option to skip a month or two. Her kits are chock full of the latest and greatest supplies, artfully coordinated.  If you’re curious you can see a sampling of her past kits here :

 Today, after reading Shimelle’s prompt, I was reminded of a past layout I did, without photos, of my 100 favorite things:

100 things I loveNow, on a shameful note:

I’ve gotten so into this Blog, and so frustrated trying to make it work, accidentally deleting things, learning what things are…spending disgusting amounts of time here in front of my computer…  My daughter left for a weekend trip with her friends just a few moments ago, and I was so caught up trying to fix my blog blunders that I didn’t even take a moment to hug her and tell her “I Love You!” –  SHAME on me!!  So, J, if you’re reading, I’m sorry, I’ll hug you when you get back, have a wonderful time and know that I Love You dearly.  XXX  Mom


One Response to “TTT's New Fall Kit Is Here”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I’m glad the linking worked out, happy to help. I LOVE this layout!

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