For Today

inspired by  The Simple Woman’s Daybook

Outside my window…                                                  

 it’s nighttime. The weather is cool but not cold. The pool skirt is finished and now my husband is working on smoothing out the yard and removing all the excess piles of dirt- getting ready to plant grass.

I am thinking… 

about all our upcoming events: bringing Tim in from the farm for a pre-op consultation tomorrow, Ironman on Sat, shopping, banking etc.

I am thankful for…

the gorgeous weather we’ve been having, good health, Blogging friends who help me with my computer ineptitude (if that’s not a word it should be!)  high-speed internet…

I am wearing…

blue jeans, comfy shirt, socks

I am remembering…

that learning a new skill takes lots of practice and even more patience

I am going…

to bed once I finish this, and tomorrow to Sam’s Club to buy supplies to feed all the volunteers at our Run Station at the Ironman. We hope to have about 50 Boy Scouts and family and friends to help pass out Gatorade and water for athletes who have already swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles and are approx 4 miles from the finish line (having run 22 miles already) when they reach our station.

I am reading..

Blogs! Lots and lots of blogs!

I am hoping…

to win a $1000.00 prize for the best run station with our M*A*S*H theme. The money will go to our Boy Scout troop and will help pay for summer camp for those who volunteer.

I am creating…

scrapbook pages in my mind. My very own blog!

On my mind..

lately it’s been all about having a daily blog, but after spending gross amounts of time here at the computer for the past three day, I know that this is not realistic for my lifestyle. Other things are being neglected (and God knows I not a very good housekeeper anyway!) So I’m going to have to find balance.

Noticing that…

the lizard seems much happier now that we’ve moved him inside; I know that Bob says he has a brain the size of a pea, but I think he was depressed not having much interaction. Now, he’s in the hub of the house and it’s warmer and he has the dogs and cats and people to watch… Call me crazy, but i think he’s happy now.

From the kitchen…

I’m trying to be frugal- actually, it’s not a choice, it’s a necessity. So my goal is to use up everything I have in the freezers. What I’m finding is that I have way too much frozen fruits and nuts! I should have made more smoothies this summer!

Around the house…

the TV is on, two computers are in use, the dogs are being walked, and there are painted M*A*S*H  and BLOOD DONORS NEEDED signs all over. Oh yes, and the 6 foot long, 4 ft high lizard cage is now in the dining room with the 5′ X 2′ snake cage on top along with the zebra finch cage. OK, so we’re a little nuts. (But i think the snake is happier too!)  Here’s some advice to those of you who may have like tendencies….DON’T JOIN FREECYCLE!!!

One of my favorite things…

 I LOVE the sound of my husband’s hearty laugh!

A picture to share…

Three Little Indians

Ok, so it was 14 or so years ago - Happy Fall Y'all


2 Responses to “For Today”

  1. Nadine Says:

    ohh what a nice photo you shared 😉

  2. Vera Smith Says:

    Oh Marcy! Go check out my blog: I do this exact same thing!

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