A New Journey Begins

Well, I’m off to the farm – off to dial-up internet. It’ll be interesting to see how that goes – I have enough trouble getting my blog right with high-speed connections!

Here’s a page I did for a circle journal months ago…


The picture flips up to reveal this journaling…



I’m ready to move to the farm.  As much as I love my house in town, it’s just too much work keeping 2 houses going – not to mention the expense! It took quite awhile to make this decision but when we are able to spend a few days at the farm it’s so encouraging to see how much Bob and I get done in a short time – it makes me believe that we could really make the farm beautiful if our time wasn’t so divided.  I love being there in the early mornings when it’s cool and foggy.  I love being there to milk the goats twice a day, and brush them and play with the kids.  I love working in the garden and watering the blueberry bushes.  I love building compost piles and burning brush and sitting by the fire at night.  I love gathering eggs and incubating guineas.  I love beekeeping and hearing the sound of the roosters crowing. I love the quiet, and I love our new cow, Lilly.  Having said all this, and having reached my decision, I know that right now I can’t move to the farm…   Because My Children Are Townies!  They don’t like the farm. They have jobs in town. They go to school in town and their friends are in town.  They love subdivisions & movie theaters, high-speed internet, WiFi, and the Mall.   Sigh… One day I’ll be a farmer.  But for now…  I’m a townie too.


4 Responses to “A New Journey Begins”

  1. Nadine Says:

    I have dreamed about living in a farm while growing up
    (I guess the children’s storybooks did influence me) but
    I also do know it is HARD WORK. and I’m such a lazy bones
    at times. still, it must be fun to live in a farm (:

    all the best with dial-up! looking forward to hear adventures
    of yours on the farm ;D

  2. Janet Smith Says:

    I am “Townie” too …. but dream of living on a farm. It is such hard work, but the simplicity of it all makes me smile … I get so tired of tv’s, computers, cell phones, ipods, the quietness of a country farm would make me happy.

  3. Vera Smith Says:

    Ha! I’m on dial-up too! 50.6Kbps is as good as it gets for me! And uploading photos? Oh my! That’s pretty dicey! And viewing videos from family members? I download them at night while we sleep & pray we don’t get kicked off & they’ll be there in morning to view!

    While we still live in the country, we no longer “farm”. No more cattle, & for now, no more chickens. A neighbors dogs did in a bunch of the girls & we were down to just 3 hens. Murray gave them away shortly before we went on a weeklong vacation.

    We’ll soon be moving into a very old dog-trot & hopefully he’ll raise chickens again.

    I don’t know how you do it: tending to two homes!

  4. Vera Smith Says:

    . . . . but if anyone can do it – it’s YOU!

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