A Mouse in the House!

There’s a mouse in the house! As if I didn’t have enough to do! Bob is trying to convince me that it’s probably just a “field mouse.” I’d like to believe him – the “R” word gives me the heebie jeebies. So now, on top of everything else I am on a Mouse Hunt. That means… every drawer, every cabinet, every hiding spot (and believe me, there are PLENTY!) has to be gone through until I find this critter! The big question though, is… What do I do when I find it?! Obviously I want it OUT! But I can’t use poison – too many other animals that could happen across it, and I don’t think I could deal with a trap. The end result of a trap is either a dead rodent, or one still squirming. EEEWWW. Oh!     Did I mention that my husband and boys have left for the weekend on a camping trip??!! What about the RA… mouse?! All I can say is – it had better leave on its own, stay hidden or the dogs/cats better get it!

Please Lord, give me patience.. And give it to me NOW! That’s me. There is so much to do around here – and I want it all done TODAY!! But I’m just going to have to take things “one bite at a time.”

Today I:

  • cleared out a 4X4 square foot garden box
  • planted carrots
  • brought in a wheelbarrow load of firewood from the pasture after Bob cut down several trees
  • worked on a compost pile
  • and all the other various tasks that go along with being a mom: cooking, cleaning, laundry, more cleaning…

And I LOVE it!

PS – My daughter in moving to France for 3 months – how cool is that?!

OH! And low and behold, I finished a layout that I found buried under 3 inches of dust on my scrapbook table that I started.. years? ago. If you know me, you know i take a terribly long time to make even the simplest of layouts. But here it is. (Dial-up don’t fail me now!)

Letter from Pres Reagan

Reagan too

The letter from the White House reads:
Dear Mr. Riehl:
I was delighted to learn about your “Woolies” and the good they are doing for the youth of your community.  This great country of ours was built through the dedication, faith, and hard work of individuals, and it continues to flourish today because those same qualities are alive and well in people like you.  I applaud your achievements and wish you many more years of happiness and fulfillment.
Knowing that you are ill, Nancy and I will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.  God bless you.

Ronald  Reagan


My journaling reads:

We had a beautiful memorial service for my dad in our backyard in upstate N.Y.  Just as we finished, the mailman delivered this letter, addressed to my dad, from the then, President of the United States of America, Ronald Reagan. What an honor!
Years later I decided to finally scrap the letter, and went to my local scrapbook store to find suitable papers. While there, I shared the story with Jennifer, the owner of Scrapbook Studio.
“Would you like photographs of President Reagan’s funeral?” another customer asked me.  She was visiting from Virginia, had attended the former President’s funeral processional and had overheard my conversation. This wonderful stranger took my information, and to my absolute surprise, months later I received, not only Great pictures, but the announcement as well.  And now, here I am again, more years later, finally getting it down on paper.     Nov 2009


4 Responses to “A Mouse in the House!”

  1. Janet Smith Says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL layout! Great job! It is amazing that a stranger gave you such neat pictures…. you were in the right place at the right time!
    God is good isn’t he?

  2. Deana Birks Says:

    Did you ever get your mouse? We had a shrew a few months ago and I couldn’t rest until I got the stupid thing. That was my first and hopefully ONLY EVER (please!) experience with rodents.

  3. Vera Smith Says:

    Way cool about the letter arriving when it did. We have a mighty loving God! “Daily He loads us down with benefits”. . . . I always imagine a front-loader full of good things! It sounds like your dad was a special man.

    BTW – I too love to scrapbook! That’s part of the problem of finding the balance you wrote about. You & I have too many interests! In addition to scrapbooking I love gardening, quilting & photography. And we’ve recently moved my 88 year old widowed mom to east TX. I like hanging out with her, too!

    Do you have chickens? We out the composting chores by dumping kitchen & garden scraps to the chickens. We made a cinder block frame & just dump it in there & let them turn it for us! 🙂 Compost happens a whole lot faster with the girls working the pile for us 😉

    On to read another blog of yours!

  4. Vera Smith Says:

    Oh – & your scrapbook pages are beautiful!

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