To Outsmart a Guinea

This morning I got up at 6, poured a cup of coffee, lit a fire in the fireplace (the heat isn’t working right now and it was a bit chill in the house this morning- the first fire of the season is always so lovely.) So i enjoyed my coffee, got on-line for a bit, and then made breakfast for myself and Uncle Tim, keeping my eye on the clock, knowing that I had to milk around 7:30. TOTALLY FORGETTING that today I was on my own with no one else to help feed and water and tend to all the animals! Needless to say I was a little late getting started. I found that you have to have a system to feeding, especially when grain or cat food is involved. You see, we have 40+ guineas that roam the farm like a school of fish, and they have decided that they LOVE grain! So much so that they will swarm the feed bowls prohibiting any other animal to eat. And they know the feeding schedule! So, this morning I began to out-fox them. I scattered scratch (chopped corn bits) on the driveway and raced to the barn to feed the cats. Then over to the milking pen where I fed the kids their grain and milked Fawn. This was a new routine for the guineas so they stayed busy on the road. After taking care of the milk – she gives a quart of milk twice a day, I brought hay to the three goat pens, fed the chickens, and grained the other goats. I think the trick is to vary the schedule so the guineas don’t catch on.


These are guineas. Quite ugly, don’t you think? Their claim to fame is that they will rid your yard of bugs – especially ticks, so I’ve heard, so they are a popular farm bird. I think they’re cool – so unusual looking – almost prehistoric. And I love the noise they make – Very loud and obnoxious. They call to each other and wander the property in a flock.

After feeding and watering all the animals, I weeded another garden box to plant tomorrow and watered the garden and greenhouse. Oh, and I finally finished turning the compost pile today! (five more to go!)

This afternoon while I was out watering the blueberry bushes, I was watching a small goat that has had me concerned. I wormed her yesterday because she was thin and just didn’t seem right. Well, while I watched – down she went! So I carried her to an enclosed area and gave her her own hay, grain and water and I’ll be keeping a close eye on her. She seemed better this evening. I think perhaps, because she’s one of the smallest goats, that she hasn’t been getting her fair share of the food. I’ll keep her isolated for awhile and see if I can nurse her back to health.

I love being here at the farm. I love the full days of good hard work! The only drawback is that I’m too tired to scrap when the day is done.

No mouse yet – Master bath is clear.


One Response to “To Outsmart a Guinea”

  1. Vera Smith Says:

    You either love them or hate them! The other great thing about them is that they supposedly hate snakes & will kill them!

    The US has 5 venomous snakes & east TX has all 5. Lucky me 😦

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