Almost a New Year!

Don’t you just love new beginnings?! I do. I’m so excited to begin a new year – a new start. I’ve been puttering around this morning – since 4:30! making lists, packing up our Channukah decorations..  We had the most wonderful holiday this year! Perhaps due to Lisa and her memory, and the reminder that each moment is precious and to make them count, but i can’t ever remember a more peaceful, relaxed Christmas season. The only regret was that my oldest daughter and her boyfriend couldn’t be with us. But heck, they’re having a blast spending the winter in the mountains of France! She’s living her life and doing it with gusto, which is fabulous, just as long as she eventually settles here in the states and raises her family where I can visit (babysit?) 🙂 OK, OK, I’m jumping the gun – after all she’s only 21!  Anyway, the rest of our family was together; the men spent the day on the shooting range having a blast – literally – while Jess and I lay around in PJ’s watching sappy movies – Family Man to be exact. That’s one of our traditional “must sees” every Christmastime. I cooked a turkey and the works, and as the sun set we lit the last 9 candles of Channukah. Oh, and we blew off a few fireworks too, which is a first for us. I have always been an adamant “I AM NOT spending good money on something that lasts only a moment and explodes!” kind of  Mom.  Welcome Anthony to our family.  He is J’s boyfriend and a treasure! He dotes on the boys, and bought them a whole bag of fireworks this summer when he went to Atlanta -ssshhhhhh!  They’ve been saving them all for New Years Eve at the farm, but decided to try just a few since we were all together.
  But back to new beginnings! Each year I start anew, and it’s almost always the same – resolutions? – I’m sure you can guess: weight, organization, keeping in touch, scrapbooking, blogging….  Are they yours too? 🙂 Each year I’m confident that THIS will be the year I succeed (with a smile!) And I inevitably start off strong and fizzle out shortly thereafter. But my sweet cousin Jeanne gets a birthday card EVERY year (’cause her birthday is in January and I’m still going strong!) I still love it – the promise of a fresh start, the hope of ultimate success. And though I look forward to beginning again on the first of each new year,  The Bible says, “Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning.” Lamentations 3:22-23.  Every morning – I’ll go one better. His mercies are new every moment! What a relief! When i mess up, when i blow it- and I do, more than i care to admit – I can go to God and have a new start right at that moment! At that instant!  What a wonderful promise – continual fresh starts!
So tell me, what are your resolutions, your “intentions” for 2010? How do you plan to succeed?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Maybe we could encourage each other – be accountable to one another to achieve our goals.                                                                                              

  Here’s to a new year, a fresh new start!  To 2010!!


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